An interesting fact that I learned today…..

I always thought that my background as an accountant was an unusual route into complementary therapy but it turns out I was wrong!

Apparently life coaching began in California in the early 1980s, when an accountant called Thomas Leonard realised that his clients were not necessarily coming to see him for financial advice and he meant much more than this to them. His clients were looking for broader direction to help them find their own way in life and at the time the only support option available was more conventional psychotherapy which they did not want…..but they did need something. In time Leonard began to understand that he was a combination of financial advisor, career counsellor, therapist and general big brother and that’s how this billion dollar industry started!

In 1995 Leonard eventually set up the International Coach Federation (ICF) in Houston Texas.

Perhaps my start in life as an accountant is not so strange after all.

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