In the UK and the rest of the Northern hemisphere today, 1st May 2021, is Beltane, a spring festival celebrated before the summer solstice (21st June) which is all about new life, fire, passion and rebirth.

With the sun growing stronger and the days becoming warmer Beltane, meaning “Bright Fire”, is an ancient celebration of the time of light and growth to come, with the power of the sun (a bright fire) providing an opportunity to cleanse and renew everything around us, including ourselves, after spending many dark months indoors.

Fire was the most important element of most Beltane celebrations where bonfires built were considered to have protective powers. Shepherds or cattlemen would drive their animals through the smoke of the bonfire and people would take embers to light fires in their homes as this was believed to protect them in the months ahead and encourage growth.

I feel Beltane is particularly symbolic this year with everything that is going on in the world. I hope we can all focus on the power of the sun, this bright fire, sending its energies to all those that need it and to cleanse and renew everything around us.  

Love and light to you all.

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