Outdoor Healing Meditation

Some people find it hard to meditate, hard to stop, sit still and quiet the mind. Why is that? Why do we feel guilty about putting some time aside for ourselves. We may manage a couple of minutes but then we start to think about all of the things we should be doing instead. Often sitting quietly makes us feel like we are wasting time but start to think about this as making time, making some time for your body to heal and repair itself. It may be just 5 minutes at first but see if you can build this up over time, aim for 30 minutes, you deserve this time for yourself.

I’ve recorded this short outdoor healing meditation to help you find some quiet time. There will be a short pause in this meditation to give you time for yourself but I will come back to you. At the end I will leave you to meditate for as long as you feel comfortable but I will let you know when I’m going to leave.

I had wanted to record a meditation for you and when I read Ruth’s blog earlier on the healing power of nature it inspired me to record this one. With the warmer weather arriving, this is one for the garden or the park if you’re out on a walk, perhaps finding a tree to rest your back on, as trees can act as a gateway or junction for the energy exchange. The natural exchange of life force energy between a tree, the earth and the universe – this is what we need to become aware of and part of. We know trees are seen as symbolic or actual gateways between the universe and the earth…it’s roots soaking up nutrients and branches stretching towards the sky. Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment whilst seated in meditation beneath a great tree, the Bodhi tree. For us, we’re not looking to achieve enlightenment but we can be effective spiritual beings if our feet are firmly planted on the ground and we have the wisdom to recognise when it is time to challenge ourselves and when it’s time to rest, just as the tree grows in summer and rests and recharges in the winter.

If you can find a tree to do this meditation while you’re out and about it’s a great one to do but for now let’s visualise the tree in your mind. So make yourself comfortable, either sitting or lying down. Visualise yourself kicking of your shoes so that you can feel the earth beneath your feet, place your back against the tree, feel it’s energy, place your feet between two outstretched roots. Take a moment to tune into your surroundings, listen to the birds, hear the wind … close your eyes and relax your mind in your own way. For the next 5 minutes or so you have nowhere else you need to be and nothing else you need to do. Set your intention to receive and give healing energy for the highest and greatest good, of yourself and others. Just spend a minute here in the stillness.

Once you have imagined taking your “remedy” begin to feel your body once again, your back against the tree and your feet on the earth beneath. Now imagine a white or golden light spiralling through your crown chakra, at the top of your head, and filling your body and mind until you feel relaxed and peaceful. Then visualise this light entering the ground below, through your base chakra or feet, and descending directly to the centre of the earth. From there the energy radiates throughout the whole planet, touching all humans and animals, bringing “relief from suffering” and then out through our solar system to the whole universe and all realms – seen and unseen.  We ask and believe that all living beings are released from their problems and blessed with this healing energy, with love, compassion and wisdom. Spend some time focussing on the feeling of peace and joy that arises from our ability to contribute to the collective consciousness in this way. Try to let your mind merge with this sea of joy. I’m going to leave you now to stay in this place for as long as you feel comfortable before slowly bringing your attention to back where you are. This universal healing is very powerful, enjoy some time for yourself now.


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11 thoughts on “Outdoor Healing Meditation

  1. Hi Jan, nice to meet you! Welcome to WP 🙂

    Wondering why we wouldn’t be wanting to attain enlightenment, isn’t that the ultimate goal?

    1. Thank you Kate 🙂
      You are right, enlightenment would be the ultimate goal but perhaps something most of us would not achieve, in this lifetime at least. In the meantime I love to connect with the powerful energies of nature to help me on this journey.

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