Do your shoulders get tense and rigid?

This week my shoulders have been really tense.

I often get people saying to me things like “how come you get issues when you do all of this energy healing work?” My answer would be that any form of energy healing is not going to prevent things happening but it will make you more aware of what’s happening and then you can start to think about why. This understanding will increase your potential for healing.

I started to think about what was going on with my shoulders…..you’ve probably heard the saying that if you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, you suffer because you feel you have too many problems or responsibilities. I didn’t think that was going on for me so I decided to look up ‘The Shoulders’ in a great book I have called ‘Your Body Speaks Your Mind‘. It’s not a book you would read from cover to cover, it’s more like a reference book so when you have something going on just look it up and it will give you some ideas on what your body might be trying to tell you. It’s a really useful guide and a great way to start your journey into understanding the mind-body connection.

So what might be going on with my shoulders then? There is quite a lot that could be causing this and certainly much for me to think about but one thing the book says that I will share with you…..If you are doing something that does not interest you while a deeper longing stays locked inside, then your shoulders may be holding that repressed yearning. Can you find expression for what you really want to do? Interesting! You’ll understand why I say that if you take a look at my ‘About me’ page!

I’ve had this book for many years now and it’s one that I would definitely suggest anyone with an interest in self healing keeps on their bookshelf!

You’ll find lot’s of other resources here which I’m continually adding to….

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