Zipping up!


Most of us have energetic blocks and imbalances which can cause us to feel tired and scattered…even ill.

“Zipping Up” from the pubic bone to the lower lip affects the Central Meridian, one of the energy lines or communication pathways in our body. When you are feeling especially open and exposed, tracing up, in the natural direction the energy is flowing through the meridian, allows you to feel more confident and positive, protecting you from negative energies – like a radio picks up a signal to connect to a particular radio station our bodies can pick up energy, both positive and negative, from other people around us.  

Before starting this technique we need to ensure that our energies are not scrambled or switched! Have a look at my previous post here……

When you are ready start by rubbing your hands together and take your awareness and focus to the palms of your hands. Place both hands, palms facing the body, at the bottom end of the central meridian which is at the centre of your pubic bone, then using your hand drag and trace the energy from the pubic bone to your bottom lip – as if you were zipping up a jacket with a high collar. Inhale deeply as you move your hand slowly straight up the centre of your body and when you reach the lower lip press firmly to seal the energy line. Repeat this three times.

You can do the zip up as often as you wish and it’s a great technique to use if you are sensitive to crowds or other people’s energies and feeling vulnerable.

Try it out and let me know how you get on.

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